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Showcasing the Versatile Creations of Jungle Designs: A Blend of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Jungle Designs: Mastering the Art of Diverse Craftsmanship

Explore the multifaceted creations of Jungle Designs. As a versatile artist, her custom leatherwork, metal and wood sculptures, scrimshaw, and airbrushed vehicle graphics showcase an extraordinary blend of skills. Based in the heart of Gardnerville, NV, Jungle Designs captivates a global audience with unparalleled artistry.

A Skilled Craftsman

Meet the innovative artist and master craftsman dedicated to pushing the boundaries of art with unique techniques.

Debra Fong
Debra Fong/Artist

Sculptor, Leather craftsman, Painter and Scrimshaw artist

My Journey in Art

Explore my artistic milestones that highlight a dedication to creativity and influence.


Acclaimed Creator

Renowned for his unique blend of leather, metal, and wood craftsmanship.



Recognized for excellence with prestigious art awards.


Custom Creations

Innovative designs that redefine artistic sustainability.

Cultural Contribution

Creative Advocacy

Art that drives environmental consciousness and change.

Experience the Artistry of Jungle Designs

Step into the dynamic world of Jungle Designs, where leather, metal, wood, and bone are transformed into stunning works of art. Explore a realm where traditional craftsmanship meets modern innovation, creating unique pieces that captivate and inspire. Discover the limitless possibilities of multidisciplinary artistry.

Turquoise Harley Set
Turquoise Harley Fender and Tank Set